DataTrans Analytics

Meaningful Intelligence

In addition to our best in class supplier community automation and integration, DataTrans Analytics provides key matrixes that enables and empowers your organization to monitor and adapt to the daily challenges of your unique supply chain fulfillment network.

Manage by Exception

DataTrans Analytics provides the power to monitor discrepancies in real time and allows our customers the ability to manage by exception and focus on the key matrixes that impact your unique supply chain.  Improve effectiveness and performance by focusing attention on only those issues that need to be addressed.


DataTrans Analytics provides complete vendor score carding, giving your organization a real-time snapshot of each vendor in your supply chain network with a candid review and score based upon the cumulative data of all transactions with each trading partner.

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This data can be viewed from as an overview from the top down or drilled down per instance, answering questions such as:

  • Does the vendor acknowledge Purchase Orders?
  • Does the vendor deliver on time or send partial shipments?
  • Are there price discrepancies that are causing additional review in Materials Management and AP?
  • Is the vendor sending timely functional acknowledgements (997’s)?
  • Is the vendor generating the required response documents and are they accurate?

Real-Time Dashboard

DataTrans Analytics provides real-time visibility of all transactions being sent and received with your supplier community.


In addition, customizable Rules can be applied to show only those discrepancies your organization wants to track. The DataTrans Dashboard compares transactions being sent and received, reviews them against contracts, and reports any differences to the appropriate contact.

  • Was the PO delivered to the supplier?
  • Can they ship the quantity we need?
  • Did we order the items at the correct price?