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Simple, Affordable EDI

DataTrans’ WebEDI system provides customers with a simple and affordable way to become EDI capable. Whether you are brand new to the EDI world or have years of experience, WebEDI provides an intuitive and powerful solution to address all of your EDI requirements.

DataTrans’ reliable cloud-based infrastructure provides maximum up-time so that your EDI solution is always available to access. WebEDI requires no special software or computer knowledge. The only requirements to use WebEDI is to have access to the internet. Thus, you can become EDI capable quickly with minimal cost and very little training. DataTrans WebEDI allows users to manage all of their EDI transactions from one simple, easy to use webpage. If you can use email, you can use WebEDI.

View messages in your Inbox

Checking for new messages is as simple as checking for new email. Simply enter your in-box and view or print new messages (in bold).

View, print or respond

When a form is open, the user has multiple options to process the incoming message. This includes the ability to create various response messages with data from the original document.

Edit responses and send or save

The response document is populated with data from the original document. The user can then edit the response and save it for further changes or send it immediately to the trading partner.

WebEDI customers also receive access to DataTrans’ top-notch customer support. Support calls are answered by live EDI specialists – not an unending phone tree or voice mailbox that never gets checked. This dedicated US-based support team helps insure that you meet your trading partner’s requirements and helps keep your data flowing smoothly.

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    Combine the power and intuitive nature of WebEDI with your internal QuickBooks accounting system and you have an instant integrated EDI solution. Contact us for a demo of WebEDI and the QuickBooks Integrator and see how you can begin realizing all of the efficiency gains that come with an integrated EDI solution.

    WebEDI Features

    • Simple and intuitive user interface
    • Integration capabilities to QuickBooks, Peachtree and via CSV file
    • Connects to all of your trading partners using the same system
    • Cloud-based infrastructure allows you to access your documents from any location
    • Automatic email alerts let you know when you have received new documents
    • UCC-128 shipping labels (at no extra charge)
    • Pick and Pack packing editor lets you customize Shipment Notices.
    • Autopack brings automation to the Advance Shipment Notice process.
    • Catalog management system
    • Smart Filters organize your documents and help you stay organized
    • Multiple users and user-specific permissions allow you full control over who has access to your data
    • Cross-platform: Works on both Mac and PC and your choice of browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome
    • Document associations show a visual link between your documents
    • Customized document defaults minimize rekeying of data
    • Online billing allows you instant access to your account information
    • Affordable pricing means you pay only for what you use

    WebEDI works great on Macs!

    Do you currently run in a Mac environment?

    Are you having trouble finding a solution that runs in your current environment?

    The DataTrans WebEDI solution runs great on Apple Safari as well as Firefox and Chrome. The system consists of a web-based set of forms that you can access from a secure log-in through our web site. Therefore, the only requirement for your company is to have a computer that has access to the Internet.