Achieve 100% EDI Compliance

DataTrans makes it easy to leverage your existing EDI infrastructure to achieve 100% EDI compliance among your supplier base or other trading partners. Imagine the savings your company will realize by moving all of your suppliers to production EDI status with no mapping, testing or coordination. DataTrans e-Community program is designed to rapidly enable your entire trading partner community on EDI with minimal requirements. We are able to achieve this by utilizing our unique web-based EDI portal (WebEDI) which is linked to your specific EDI mapping requirements.

The Benefits are Tremendous!

  • Eliminate the cost and inefficiency of maintaining manual processes for non-EDI compliant suppliers
  • Suppliers and other trading partners will become EDI capable in minutes after signing up through a secure site.
  • DataTrans will coordinate a custom designed program for enabling your suppliers on EDI based on your business model.
  • Utilize your existing maps. We will tie DataTrans WebEDI forms to match your EDI requirements.
  • No VAN costs. DataTrans will utilize either secure FTP or AS2 to connect all of your suppliers to your EDI infrastructure with no VAN setup or costs.
  • No testing required. Once the initial setup is done, each new trading partner is using the same maps tied to DataTrans WebEDI. Thus, no testing is required for enabling suppliers on EDI.
  • Quickly bring new suppliers on EDI as soon as they become a supplier. As you add on new suppliers, simply direct them to the link to sign up for WebEDI and they will quickly be setup with a WebEDI account linked to your EDI infrastructure
  • The only requirement for the supplier is access to the Internet
  • Excellent US-based support and weekly web-based training sessions.

How much can DataTrans e-Community save your company?

Each company’s circumstances are different, however the savings can be surprising and significant. In order to help you quantify the value of becoming 100% EDI compliant among your trading partner community, DataTrans has developed a simple on-line EDI Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator. It only takes a couple of minutes and the resulting decision may save you thousands per month.

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