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Supply Chain Automation for Advanced Healthcare Procurement

Supply Chain Automation Overview

The one area of healthcare that can realize significant gains in efficiency and cost reduction with a relatively minor investment is procurement. With the right technology partner the entire supply chain procurement process can be automated and integrated into ERP systems without a major IT project. The result: improved operational efficiency, significant reduction in costs, improved accuracy, and greater responsiveness.

The DataTrans WebEDI product provides for a cost effective easy-to-use Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) Solution that allows Healthcare organizations to extend their current EDI/E-Commerce process out to the many smaller paper based vendors and trading partners with no software purchase or installation and allows our customers to achieve maximum ROI on automating the procurement process.

Our Web-Based EDI Solution provides:

  • One connection to all suppliers regardless of size and current data interchange technology and methodologies.
  • A web portal for non-EDI suppliers to access orders and return acknowledgements, invoices, etc.
  • Data discrepancy reporting that notifies buyers in near real-time via email of any errors or discrepancies.
  • Translation from any ERP or Legacy System into EDI for any outbound document type
  • Translation from EDI into any ERP or Legacy file for any inbound document type
  • Business intelligence tools designed to give visibility into supply chain performance and make better decisions based on more accurate information

Your Hospital or Practice will greatly benefit from:

  • Data Validation which enhances Healthcare organizations’ supply chain efficiency through automated “real-time” information. Provides organizations with the opportunity to make informed business decisions to accept or reject incoming documents such as acknowledgments, shipping notifications, and invoices.
  • A Totally Electronic Trading Network that combines secure electronic document delivery with a web-based interface to manage trading partnerships and transactions. Leverages the internet to reduce costs and increase visibility to maximize the value of conducting business electronically.
  • Vendors that are currently not capable of receiving and sending electronic trade documents enabled to support a healthcare organizations’ E-Commerce initiative with no required software installation and maintenance.

Join the many Healthcare Providers that have enhanced their Supply Chain’s electronic reach to the thousands of, what until now, have been manual paper based Trading Partners.

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