Industry Experience

Regardless of the industry, DataTrans has the knowledge, expertise, and products to support your business and EDI needs. Although each industry generally has unique requirements related to the types of EDI messages, data communications methods and processes, DataTrans can provide your company with our “out of the box” or custom implementations to meet your individual needs.

Manufacturing EDI

DataTrans products and services provide excellent support for companies involved in manufacturing. We can assist with the procurement, sales and distribution aspects of Manufacturing EDI requirements. We have the experience to address all of your manufacturing EDI requirements, including:

  • Integrating into internal applications (like an ERP system)
  • Handling Manufacturing specific transaction sets and EDI requirements such as 850 (PO), 855 (PO Ack.), 810 (Invoice), 856 (ASN), 830 (Forecast), etc.
  • Custom mapping solutions to insure that your manufacturing EDI project is a success.

DataTrans has already integrated our EDI system with many Manufacturing ERP solutions. With our extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, we can expedite the implementation process, and provide a turn-key solution for any manufacturing environment. Refer to the Hosted EDI page for more information on integrated EDI systems.

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Today’s global manufacturing markets demand fast response times, lean shop floor operations and quality in every part. To help meet these customer demands, growing numbers of manufacturers are turning to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to facilitate simplified and seamless digital communications with customers, vendors and other business partners.