Value Added Network (VAN)

Reliable EDI Connectivity

DataTrans provides companies with reliable EDI communications connectivity to trading partners through our extensive network. DataTrans’ Value Added Network (VAN) service provides multiple ways of linking electronically to your trading partners.  This includes full coverage of the multiple communications protocols and methods of securely communicating sensitive EDI data.  These communications methods include: FTP, SFTP, FTP SSL, POP/SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS1, AS2, and AS3.

Our network is constantly monitored and managed insuring unsurpassed reliability. In addition, the infrastructure is mirrored and data is replicated real time to provide full, real time redundancy throughout the data communications process.

As a customer of DataTrans Network Services, you will have the ability to monitor and manage your EDI messaging processed through our set of Network web tools. This includes the ability to run reports on activity, request new trading partner relationships and make other requests.

All of these reliable VAN services are provided at a very reasonable and simple cost structure. No need for committing to a predetermined amount of usage or getting locked into long-term contracts. You will have just one simple monthly pricing structure that will vary as your actual EDI usage (and business cycle) varies. Affordable, well monitored, and extremely reliable…DataTrans provides the next generation of EDI communications.

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